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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Why Do I Demand A Tobacco Free World? Because We are ALL Involuntarily Smoking

Good morning friends. Are you safe from tobacco smoke in your home, whether it be an apartment or house? Are you free from guests and visitors who may smoke near you? Are your children and elderly relatives safe? Is your workplace safe? The social clubs and associations you frequent? Does anyone, anywhere within 110 feet smoke near any of these places you live, work, worship and play? And, sad to say, even if you can't smell it and it seems to be more than 30 or 40  feet away from you, you are still being adversely affected. I can certainly smell it 110 feet away. I have carried a measuring tape with me! I dare you to try this experiment today. I want to shake up your world.

Friends, all of us non-smokers and smokers are smoking. That's right. We are all involuntary smoking. And I mean it, I am some MAD. Furious. And I am fed up of living with this anger and I intend to do something about it. Yes, I hate war, hate nuclear pollution, hate acid rain, hate all pollutions of any kind. And, yeah I would like a nicer kinder planet, and, yes, I do hug trees, I do think we don't have enough trees and I do refrain from eating any animal products and all that. But unlike all these other challenges, involuntarily I am smoking tobacco every hour on the hour, and unless I move to some exotic Brazillian rain forest protected area and take up living in trees with completely different garments and possibly bodily decorations , I and you and most all of us are forced to smoke against our will. And smokers will tell you that most of them want to quit! They are many of whom are quietly agonizing and suffering and want a way out, but this scourge of tobacco is STILL not being taken seriously by our world leaders. And I am calling for more action NOW.

Some of my posts will address nonsmokers, and at other times I will speak to smokers. I will examine the history of smoking, the psychology of addiction. I will address this problem of tobacco from every angle. I will talk a bit about spiritual tools. I will cover all nicotine replacement therapy, and please now, drop everything you are doing and run out and buy some right now. Whether or not it is the best what have you to lose by trying? Help pay for someone struggling. Please dear friends, take tobacco and nicotine addiction as seriously as drug addiction. Because it is a drug. Let's please all stop saying it is more socially acceptable. You and I and each person is part of society. We have a part to play in making it LESS ACCEPTABLE. Are you with me? We need to start somewhere to drop the percentage of all smokers in every country by at least one percentage point by the end of this year. Are you with me? On your mark, get ready, GO!!!

I am now researching the next post about tobacco and clothes in many different aspects. Stay tuned.

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