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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Ice Cream Wins Versus Tobacco For Superb Flavor, But You Are Not Surprised, Right?

Greeting fellow foodies. Wishing you all a safe hot glorious summer. I know you all would rather be having a mouthwatering scrumptious scoop of ice cream. Whether you're out at the cottage or camping or visiting friends or just plain enjoying your own company, I'm with you savoring a great classic cool treat. Only a block away from my Mum's is a classic québécois french fry shack and ice cream hut and I indulge frequently. Oh boy, they also sell the famous dish uniquely found in La Belle Province known as poutine which is french fries with cheese curds and hot gravy, all melted. Truly heavenly, but watch out, if you are vegetarian like me the sauce might not be:)

 It's always a special treat to go for a leisurely stroll down the tree-lined shady picturesque bicycle path right beside my Mum's.
We take the tiny adorable caramel-colored butterfly Pomeranian dog Mr. Foxy , otherwise known affectionately as "Little Man" for a walk. All we need to say to Foxy before we leave the house is "walk-walk!" and he goes berserk jumping up and down at top speed with joy. In order to keep him calm we tried spelling out the word walk by saying w-a-l-k. The dog even learned how to spell! He now goes just as bouncy when we simply open the kitchen drawer containing his leash. This makes me ask you my readers this question: "What is your heart's joy?" Truly? I do know.

I have tried half the flavors they offer. Even new delights like bubblegum and cotton candy, fittingly known in French as barbe à papa (Dad's beard) delight me. My husband got acquainted with my Mum for the first time on a June Sunday but he really opened up with Mum over some scoops. We accidentally didn't bring enough money, and I mistakenly ordered a giant bucket of steaming, overpriced but too darn good poutine. Initially only my Mum and I wanted ice cream. Feeling spontaneous, I ordered 2 flavors I love, Cherry and Maple Walnut and I thrust it at my husband to be's hand, saying, "Oh, I'll go back to Mum's house for more money and while I'm at I'll give that crazy dog another walk."

I think back on that beautiful June day and those divine treats. What a heartwarming moment when I told my Mum I was going to get married. I wouldn't trade that for anything. Simple joys are best. I leave you all on this note.

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