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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Quitting Smoking Is More Valuable Than Sapphires

True story I kid you not. I am a strong woman and there I was last Sunday axing down mum's thorn tree by request and took a break after swinging a heavy ax. Looked down. My brand new wedding ring had popped its stone. Who knew where. Anywhere in a giant tangle of brush and stones.

My mum called me two days later, "Honey, I have good news." I thought she was calling me to announce she had quit smoking. "Floyd found your stone!" Now as happy as I was to hear that, I would have rather heard she quit smoking.

Friends, quitting smoking is practically priceless and is THE BEST GIFT you can give anyone you love. Gemstones are replaceable. Your lungs or time spent with you is not.

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