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Saturday, 2 August 2014

What Part Of, "NO, WE CAN'T BREATHE!" Do You Not Get?

Hello Friends of clean air. Just how annoying is smoke to us? This blog is in no way an attack at any time of smokers. I use very descriptive analogies in a plethora of settings and contexts to share with smokers what it is like to be a nonsmoker, how trapped we feel. I dream of my blog uniting smokers and nonsmokers in a friendly, useful, relevant, dialogue towards a mutual healthier future.

One horrible day a couple months ago as I was shopping for my weekly supply of almonds and nuts and having a friendly chat with the store keeper up front at his cash a young man threw open the door yelling, "It's on fire!"  As soon as he opened the door, huge gusts of stinking black #smoke invaded the store. I panicked. Just weeks ago, my boyfriend started talking marriage. I closed my eyes and thought a short prayer, "Dear God, I want to live to see my own #wedding!"

It was terrifying. Just out front of the store was a little beat up car with fire shooting jaggedly. I looked in horror as each ten seconds the fire doubled in size. First under the steering wheel, Then it eclipsed the whole steering wheel, then the left side of the car, then the whole car, then the backseat. Luckily I could exit the store. People were dialing 911 emergency help. The #firetrucks came five minutes later. I asked the fireman what would have happened had he come later. He told me that if they had been busier on more calls and had they arrived just two or three minutes later the mall would have been engulfed in flames.

What part of smoke, fire is deadly do people not understand? Burning cars are hazardous, yet people routinely light up cigarettes in their homes as a hobby? As a custom? I am saying enough is enough!

Dear Friends, for great help in quitting please refer to Allen Carr's videos on Youtube.
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