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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Say To Yourself With Power "I release all old habits that no longer serve me!"

Greetings everybody on this Magnificent Monday July 28, 2014. You know what Mondays are best for. Starting a new week. You say to yourself.. "This week starting Monday I'm quitting smoking. My mind is made up." Friends, here at NikkiDiamondTobaccoFreeWorld by I am here to give you that extra push. 

Let me introduce you to best-selling author Louise L. Hay's thoughts on smoking. In her groundbreaking classic book, "YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE" author and minister Louise Hay declares that any habit we want to get rid of we simply "bless with love and release." I bet most of you didn't know she was also a minister? Now maybe you'll take me a lot more seriously when I tell you I almost became a woman of cloth myself? I was debating between Unitarian church and Unity. I've decided to reach out to people through my blog as I am a lot more frank and businesslike than most people can handle in a minister. I really do practice tough love. And I would have been one tough doctor. So let's save time and  get as many people as possible reading The Truth and Health.

So, in order to quit anything we affirm, "I bless these cigarettes with love. I release them and I set them free." Folks, it really is that simple. I started working with Louise Hay's ideas over 16 years ago. That was also when I made some pretty big life-changing decisions. And so can you. All with love. The Beatles were right. You may scoff. Let me tell you why this simple idea works.

When we think and say positive thoughts, we unconsciously vibrate or hum at an agreeable continuous frequency throughout our whole body, our whole being. It's much the same feeling when we fall in love with someone. What a lot of people haven't tapped into yet is that we can fall in love with anything! I fell in love with an adorable stray kitten meowing deplorably outside my apartment window and I adopted Mr.Greezoo Diamond. And this skinny, starving kitty taught me how to love.

I am in love with the idea of a tobacco free world. I feel love pouring out from me as I type this. Borrow that love, take it, share it with others as we all help heal the planet. We really can change the world with loving healing thoughts. Remember, I'm no mere blogger. I almost became a minister. I really do believe in the power of prayer or affirmations. I really have seen them work. I have been present at many miracles of release in my healing work with hundreds of people. So I decided to start this blog with the loving support of my sister who loves my wit, my mother who is always blown away by my non-stop reading and my father's ultra high expectations that I be a doctor or at least engineer like him. I also want to thank amazing friends like Huss who motivated me through a cold dark winter. Huss insisted I launch a career devoted to coaching and healing others. I can't thank you enough buddy. 

3 amazing yoga teachers teamed up and urged me to write. One of them said, "I have nothing to teach you. Go on and find a more advanced teacher." Another yoga teacher demanded I start writing. And the third calmly, quietly helped me gain a very deep love and appreciation of myself as she mothered me. These 3 yoga teachers served as real life role models. I hope to help you transcend your limitations and vibrate at a higher frequency...

But the greatest of these loves is my husband. I met him online exactly a year after an atrocious surgery that backfired, leaving me stunted and in pain. When I saw his handsome photo, I recognized in his eyes a certain intangible quality of tenderness, caring and strength that cannot be expressed in words. Santhosh, you empower me because every day you praise me, you compliment me you reward me in small ways and you share my vision of a healthier planet. I thank the Universal Force I met you when I did.

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