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Sunday, 3 August 2014

What is the definition of sport?

Here's your new definition of sport: exerting yourself physically to help others quit, helping you quit, and losing

 weight and having a blast! Who said you had to gain weight upon quitting cigarettes? And you didn't think 

that dictionaries could be exciting. Let's take up definition 2. "Go on, 

be a sport!" What if all of life is a tussle between what we should do and what we feel

 like doing instead? Do we as a society use sport as a symbol to convey the arduous nature

 of life? Should I have been a good sport recently and endure an unpleasant situation? 

Maybe enduring it would have brought me closer to my husband instead of speaking out

 and asserting myself ...What if we went  one step beyond allowing sports to serve as 

venues of pent-up release through either releasing it ourselves directly through physical 

exertion or psychologically through vicariously watching others live or telecast...

What if sport helps us overcome challenges because it's a chosen adversity? What if the 

sense of spontaneity, risk, and thrill of success helps us have a sense of play as adults?

And let's "go one step further" as good mental athletes. What if sports can become an 

arena of preventative psychological medicine, as mental toughness training to help 

strengthen us?

Let me introduce my favorite sport, YOGA. Yoga might at first glance not seem like much 

of a sport...who are you tussling with? How can you be possibly competing against anyone,

 even yourself? There's an implied notion that nothing about yoga is strain, that you 

proceed ever so gently never upsetting the delicate equilibrium of your being...  But look 

closer, yoga poses strengthen, stabilize, and prepare the body for balance, movement 

and at times speeding up your reaction from coordinating from a sequence of poses one

 to the other. Please check out the famous "World-Cup" equivalent of yoga teachers, Mr. 

B.K.S. Iyengar who brought yoga to the west. Did you know that the United Nations gave

Mr. Iyengar honorary PhD status to for his life-saving legacy of teaching yoga to all.

 Check out his beautiful book, The Art of Yoga 

I leave you with this novel thought...All sport as meditation...Meditation in motion as 

art...Sport as art... Sounds like a new way of thinking about physical fitness...

I'll drink to that!
I dream of traveling worldwide on a mission to build a tobacco-free world.
Think this is farfetched? The World Health Organization has been celebrating World Tobacco Free Day on May 31 for over a decade now.
 Almost all doctors, health promoters and politicians are on the World Tobacco Free Team. Wanna be a winner? Wanna make world history? Register your email up top.
Most notably India's Mr. Narindra Modi talks about a tobacco-free India.
 New Zealand's anti-smoking groups boast by 2017 that New Zealand may be the first tobacco-free nation.
Go team Canada go!Tobacco free! And inspire other nations to follow suite, that, YES, it can be done.

Let me affirm, pray, visualize, dream, think, write, blog, cheerlead, spearhead, sing, act, crack jokes,give speeches, encourage, support and educate with love a tobacco-free world.

 Join me. Follow me and comment at

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