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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Moist Cigarettes Anyone?

So I took a risk today, garnered all my calm and asked someone, "Just why do you keep your cigarettes in the fridge?"

So they stay moist.

Really. I'm being sarcastic here. Why do cigarettes need to be moist? They are going to be lit up by fire, no? They need to burn. Would it surprise you that gunpowder is added so that cigarettes burn faster? So I guess moistness slows things down. Maybe moistness keeps the cigarettes intact so that they don't fall apart like sawdust and leave a mess everywhere. But they already do in worse ways.

So, please tell me how it's working for you keeping cigarettes in the fridge, which makes their butter and other similar foods TASTE LIKE TOBACCO.

Not very appetizing to dine at their place. I am praying and hoping they quit.

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