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Friday, 15 August 2014

Freedom From The Mob (Mentality)

Hello and welcome to Freedom Fridays here on NikkiDiamondTobaccoFreeWorld. Today's post is about freeing yourself from the mob mentality. Too often in life we go along with the crowd, with whatever anyone else is doing without really thinking. Sometimes being in a huge mass of people is great, like a wothwhile demonstration or rock concert or festive occasion. There is power in numbers as the Canadian geese fly in V formation. The aerodynamic pattern of the V helps the geese fly faster and they each take turns leading to not get tired out.

What I am talking about today is the anonymous, senseless, faceless acts of smokers that gets buried under the mob. Because a huge crowd of people turn out at a fair or concert and because hundreds or thousands of people are milling around in an anonymous fashion the individual acts get overshadowed by the rationalization of, "Well, everyone is leaving their cigarette butts on the ground. So it doesn't matter whether or not I litter along."

Another example is when out in public and there are clearly visible, prominently displayed no smoking signs, yet there is a huge crowd of people and invariably one or ten people amongst several hundred are smoking anyways. A sort of robot-like trance comes over the majority of the crowd. Like a Do Not Disturb the person who is disturbing us by smoking out of place, because, well, that's not our job, or it doesn't concern us, or we are not really bothered by smoke.

In some countries a small child gets run over by a car. No one stops to offer help or even notices. Friends, you know how you can free yourself from the mob mentality? Or the anonymous crowd mentality? Take action. Gently. Politely. But speak up calmly and briefly. There is power in numbers. But that power should never rationalize or render invisible any harm done to anyone. Have a safe Friday. Set yourself and others free from harm.


  1. Very true. Many young people take up smoking simply because their friends are smoking too and simply wanna fit in with the so called 'cool' crowd. By the time they grow up they are already too addicted to stop and continue on their unhealthy habit. Schools and teachers must make every student feel special and unique inside so they stop looking to impress the wrong crowd. There is strength in numbers only if it is a positive action or else the effect is quite disastrous.

    1. Mr. Jackbliss, I am so glad to see that you take this dangerous addiction so seriously. You are absolutely right. Not enough is done to support and model youth in a healthier direction. Keep reading for more great ideas and thanks so much for your comments. I will make a blog post on peer pressure and teens soon.Wishing you a tobacco-free world:)